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Merging rules in South Australia

There are two types of merging situations in South Australia - ZIP merge (picture 1) and LANE END merge (picture 2).

If you are on a road where the traffic is merging from two lines to one line, you must give way to a vehicle on your left or right if any part of that vehicle is ahead of your vehicle. This is called the Zip Merge. However, you must first check that it is safe to merge, check your centre mirror and side mirror, give a signal clearly for long enough to warn other road users and always check the blind spot. In picture 1, driver B has to give way to driver A.


When lane lines are marked between the vehicles and one lane is ending such as at the end of overtaking lanes and when entering the freeway, the driver in the ending lane has to signal right for long enough, check the blind spot and give way to other drivers. In picture 2, driver A has to give way to driver B.

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