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If you have an overseas driver's licence or permit, you must get a South Australian driver's licence or permit within 3 months of becoming a permanent resident of South Australia.

Even if your licence has expired, you may still be able to obtain a South Australian licence.

Find out what you need to do by answering a few simple questions.

Female Driver

Residency status and visitor information


Permanent resident

A permanent resident is someone who has a visa that entitles them to remain in Australia indefinitely.


Overseas visitor with a temporary visa

Students, visitors and people working in South Australia on a temporary visa can drive with their overseas licence as long as that licence is current.

You can drive the same type of vehicle as your overseas licence allows and must comply with any conditions on that licence.

You must carry one of the following at all times when driving and show it to police on request:

  • a current overseas licence that is written in English

  • a current overseas licence with an English translation or an international driving permit

If your licence expires while you are here and you are unable to renew it, you will have to apply to transfer your existing licence to a South Australian driver's licence.

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