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Overseas License Conversion

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

If you have an overseas driver's licence or permit, you must get a South Australian driver's licence or permit within 3 months of becoming a permanent resident of South Australia. Even if your licence has expired, you may still be able to obtain a South Australian licence.

Steps of Getting the License


To be issued a temporary permit you must hold your overseas license and pass the online course and theory test which you can book through Service SA.


The hazard perception test measures your ability to recognise and respond to potentially dangerous situations and react appropriately.

The actual test is designed as film clips of real traffic situations. You will see what the driver would see. The dashboard shows you the speed at which you are travelling, and if the indicators are operating. You will be given two questions to practise before the actual test starts to help you become familiar with how the test works. To book, phone Service SA on 13 10 84.

You can practise the Hazard Perception Test online here.


This is the final step to get your Australian full license.

There are two ways to do a practical driving test:

  • pass a vehicle on road test (VORT) with a qualified driving VORT examiner that you have booked at least a few weeks prior

  • complete a competency based training and assessment (CBT&A or logbook) with a qualified CBT&A driving examiner, who will assess your competency in a series of practical driving sessions.

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