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75-hour Driving Course + VORT Training +VORT

In this driving course, you will need to complete a total of 60 hours of general driving and training, including practicing five specific maneuvers that are required for the Vehicle On-Road Test (VORT). The training will consist of both daytime and nighttime driving, with 15 hours dedicated to driving during nighttime conditions.

Throughout the course, all lessons and the final VORT will be conducted in the instructor's car. This means that you will be using the instructor's vehicle for both the training sessions and the actual test.

The focus of the course is to ensure that you acquire the necessary skills and experience to drive safely and confidently. By completing the required hours of driving, practicing the designated maneuvers, and undergoing the VORT, you will be better prepared to meet the standards and requirements set by the licensing authority.

It's important to actively engage in the lessons, follow the instructor's guidance, and practice consistently to enhance your driving abilities. By doing so, you will increase your chances of successfully passing the VORT and obtaining your driver's license.

75-hour Driving Course + VORT Training +VORT

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