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5 * 90-minute lessons, VORT Training + VORT

During the course, the instructor will assess your competency level based on VORT (Vehicle On-Road Test) standards. This means they will evaluate your driving skills and knowledge according to the requirements set by the licensing authority. They will also tailor the test requirements to your individual needs, which means focusing on areas where you may need more practice or improvement.

The instructor's role is to not only evaluate your driving abilities but also help you keep track of your progress. They will work with you to develop safe driving skills and prepare you to pass your driver's license test. With their guidance and expertise, they will help you build the necessary skills and knowledge to become a competent and safe driver.

Remember to actively participate, ask questions, and practice regularly to make the most of your driving lessons. Good luck with your training!

5 * 90-minute lessons, VORT Training + VORT

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