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South Australian Driving Education (SADE) is a local driving school providing qualified training by the expert driving female instructor Elena who is a Government Accredited and Authorised Motor Driving Instructor. Elena delivers lessons in south-western, north-eastern and north-western suburbs of Adelaide area. Vehicle On Road Test (VORT), Overseas License Conversion, affordable prices, quick service and successful result.

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At SADE, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences. Our number one priority is to help people learn how to drive and pass their road test from the first time! We have simple tricks that allow anyone who has zero experience to start driving in no time! We have the most straightforward 90-degree angle and reverse parallel parking techniques whenever parking is your issue! If you are scared of driving on the highway, no problem! No matter what problem you have driving, we will help you fix it! We focus on getting you to pass your VORT from the first time, and we are very straightforward and honest with our customers as we treat everyone like family. If you want to get your license, SADE is the Place to go.

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A member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association of South Australia

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